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MapQuest Discover is a place for collecting, planning and sharing places to visit and fun things to do wherever the map meets your life. People use Collections to plan their events, vacations and organize trips.

Best of all, it’s easy to share Collections on your social networks and comment on the Collections of your friends.

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What better way to introduce ourselves, than a beautiful and informative video. You’ll learn how to follow interesting people, access Discover on your devices, find amazing adventures and share your travels.

Plan A Great Weekend

Need some ideas for really interesting things to do near you? MapQuest Discover not only inspires your vacation ideas, we also feature really interesting things to do for an afternoon or long weekend to make sure you’re never bored.

Plan A Wedding or Event

If you have an event you’re planning with lots of places to go, MapQuest Discover is a perfect party-planning tool for you. Create a collection of places and then share them with everyone on your invite list.

Inspire Others

Upload inspiring photos from your personal albums or the web, add your thoughts and opinions about places you’ve been and create collections from trips you’ve been on and share those with your friends.

Show Off Your Travel Cred

Great for travel bloggers, tour operators and just really experienced travelers who’d like to inspire others with their experiences.

Compete With Your Friends

How travel savvy are you? How about your friends? Trip envy is such a fun social currency. Challenge your friends today with MapQuest Discover collections that you create or play some of the most popular ones to see how you rank on the leader board.


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