Oil wells, longhorn cattle and a bit of Texas swagger may be iconic images long associated with Houston, but equally relevant as a symbol for the modern city is the Johnson Space Center, one of the top attractions in Houston. As NASA’s “Mission Control Center,” the space center symbolizes the technological drive of this fourth-largest U.S. city.

Visitors to the space center come face-to-face with actual spacecraft, such as astronaut Gordon Cooper’s Faith 7 capsule from the Mercury Atlas 9 mission and the Apollo 17 Command Module from the last manned mission to the moon. At the Blast Off Theater, the audience feels the simulated lift-off, and on the NASA Tram Tour, guests get to peek behind…

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  • Safety Deposit Self Storage
    Houston, Texas posted by Safety Deposit Self Storage 122 weeks ago

    I tried to correct my business information but MapQuest wanted me to pay. There are no free services just for a listing like all other sites. Sorry!

  • Sara Beacham
    Houston, Texas posted by Sara Beacham 160 weeks ago

    Iwant to travel for my house to a business downtown. That is all. i don't want all thnis stuff cluttering up the screen and waisting my time.

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