With a population of roughly 1.25 million and growing steadily, the city of Dallas is a vibrant and expansive playground. An attractive selection of districts and neighborhoods beyond the skyscraper-laden Downtown add to the many things to do in Dallas where, in true Texas style, everything really is bigger.

At the turn of the 20th century, the discovery of oil in the state kick-started Dallas’s economic boom. Today, this Northeast Texas city is the third most-popular destination for business travel in the nation, reflected in its abundance of commercial buildings and highways, along with a massive convention center. Beyond business, Dallas offers visitors attractions that range from culture…

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Dallas, Texas Guides & Articles

Reviews, Comments, & Tips

  • Lacy S
    Dallas, Texas posted by Lacy S 97 weeks ago

    I have lived in and around Dallas for 31 years, and I have never heard of several of the Dallas neighborhoods that are listed on here, I think some of them are just apartment complexes not actual neighborhoods

  • Unhappy817
    Dallas, Texas posted by Unhappy817 115 weeks ago

    From the first week I moved into these apartments my car tires have been flatten, my car has been keyed, my window has been broken and if you don't see it happening nothing can be done. There is no security cameras. You would think that after…

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  • sandra m
    Dallas, Texas posted by sandra m 141 weeks ago

    why do u think i live in dallas tx. i live in corpus christi tx. so put corpus christi t as my local map....

  • MetroPCS
    Dallas, Texas posted by MetroPCS 143 weeks ago

    metroPCS Authorized Dealer & Payment Center - 835A NE Green Oaks Blvd Arlington, TX 76006 - 817-277-0771 - 972-metroPCS

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